Founded in 2005, THE WITKOVSKY is a private art and luxury business. We are trusted for our international experts around the world who can provide our clients with appraisals and valuation of their art collection, as well as our private sales. The Witkovsky has a physical presence in two countries, such as Poland and Russian Federation with main office in Moscow, Russia and Saint Petersburg.

Witkovsky private sales usually set at price points ranging from $30 to over $100 million.
Our family Private Sales offer a seamless service for buying and selling art outside of the auction calendar, working exclusively with our specialists at a client’s individual pace. We can always provide our client with fair market valuation and appraisal without asking our client to visit the office. Our specialists can coordinate online along with having an online video or call conference for international clients from all around the world.

Recent innovations at Witkovsky will include the sale of NFT. As an art industry member, Witkovsky continues to discover new young artists that are redefining and refreshing the art business and viewing of different styles of art.
The Witkovsky is dedicated to provide international clients with best service possible without huge selling fees, "Buyers premium" and all that functions that take a lot of resources from the client in other auction houses. We also give new artists a better opportunity to present their art to the world without blocking this path to the unknown artists, who just started their art journey. We are responsible for this culture difference and we will actively use our platform to support positive changes.

Our Contacts
Private Sales

Sales Specialist :
Alexander Witkovsky
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Appraisals & Valuation

Max Zimmerman
Bachelor at Dusseldorf Art Academy,
Art Critic for The Witkovsky Art Department
Main Office

Moscow, Russian Federation
Moscow City Tower Complex, B
(Due to Russian invasion in Ukraine, our headquarters were relocated to Warsaw)

Warsaw, Poland
Zlota 44