Philip Guston (1913-1980)

was a Canadian American painter, printmaker, muralist and draftsman. Early in his five decade career, muralist David Siquieros described him as one of "the most promising painters in either the US or Mexico," in reference to his antifascist fresco which includes the hooded figures that became a lifelong symbol of bigotry for the artist.Guston worked in a number of artistic modes, from Renaissance-inspired figuration to formally accomplished abstraction," and is now regarded one of the "most important, powerful, and influential American painters of the last 100 years." He also frequently depicted racism, antisemitism, fascism and American identity, as well as, especially in his later most cartoonish and mocking work, the banality of evil. In 2013, Guston's painting To felini set an auction record at Christie's when it sold for $25.8 million.
Painter at Night
Sold at USD12.567.500
Sold at USD 9.610.000
To Fellini
Sold at USD 25,883,750
Summer kitchen still life
Sold at USD 6,612,500