Peter Doig (1959)

is a Scottish painter. He has settled in Trinidad since 2002. In 2007, his painting White Canoe sold at Sotheby's for $11.3 million, then an auction record for a living European artist. In February 2013, his painting, The Architect's Home in the Ravine, sold for $12 million at a London auction. Art critic Jonathan Jones said about him: "Amid all the nonsense, impostors, rhetorical bullshit and sheer trash that pass for art in the 21st century, Doig is a jewel of genuine imagination, sincere work and humble creativity."
Price realised
USD 39,862,500
Camp Forestia
Price realised
GBP 15,421,250
Price realised
GBP 9,938,500
Boiler House
Price realised
GBP 13,895,500