Bernardo Bellotto (1721-1780)
was an Italian urban landscape painter or vedutista, and printmaker in etching famous for his vedute of European cities – Dresden, Vienna, Turin, and Warsaw. He was the student and nephew of the renowned Giovanni Antonio Canal Canaletto and sometimes used the latter's illustrious name, signing himself as Bernardo Canaletto.
In Germany and Poland, Bellotto called himself by his uncle's name, Canaletto. This caused some confusion, however Bellotto’s work is more sombre in color than Canaletto's and his depiction of clouds and shadows brings him closer to Dutch painting.
Bellotto's style was characterized by elaborate representation of architectural and natural vistas, and by the specific quality of each place's lighting. It is plausible that Bellotto, and other Venetian masters of vedute, may have used the camera obscura in order to achieve superior precision of urban views

The Grand Canal at the Church of San Stae, Venice
Price realised
USD 11,016,000

Rome: The Forum with the Temple of Castor and Pollux; and The Temple of Antoninus and Faustina in the Forum
Price realised
GBP 6,504,000

View of Verona with the Ponte delle Navi
Price realised
GBP 10,575,000