Balthus (1908-2001)
was a Polish-French modern artist. He is known for his erotically charged images of pubescent girls, but also for the refined, dreamlike quality of his imagery.
Throughout his career, Balthus rejected the usual conventions of the art world. He insisted that his paintings should be seen and not read about, and he resisted any attempts made to build a biographical profile.
Towards the end of his life, he took part in a series of dialogues with the neurobiologist Semir Zeki, conducted at his chalet at Rossinière, Switzerland and at the Palazzo Farnese (French Embassy) in Rome. They were published in 1995 under the title La Qûete de l'essentiel and in it he gives some of his views on art, painting and some painters

Thérèse sur une banquette
Price realised
USD 19,002,500

Lady Abdy
Price realised
USD 9,909,000

Jeune fille à la fenêtre
Price realised
USD 10,122,500